About REBEL37

At REBEL37 we combine our Dutch heritage with Spanish life together to create a completely different approach to clothing. Instantly recognizable by our signature logo on the human heart, REBEL37 is for those who prefer individuality over ordinary following.

The logo and REBEL37 symbolize the golden ratio & -rule and is based on balance, with nature as inspiration and the number 37 as extra emphasis.

REBEL37, founded in 2020, aims to make a positive awareness through clothing. The collection reflects our passion for nature, sports, an active life, but also the challenges we face in sports and life. The core and values of the brand is to make a positive awareness through clothing. Clothing is something that everyone uses.

Our logo (37) will hopefully be associated with a positive outlook on life.

The left sleeve

In our sportswear, the left sleeve always has a different color than the rest of the garment. This is characteristic, just like the clear logo, for our brand.

Trademark since 2 november 2022